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September 1, 2016
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Welcome to Sugar Creek

by Mike Palecek (Author) 

Welcome to Sugar Creek … Our Town, Mayberry, Mayfield, Hooterville, Cicily … Peoria. Welcome to Your Town. Come in, sit down, take a load off. There’s cold beer in frosty mugs. Let me introduce you to Darlene. She works here, part-time. Another job she’s got is watching the new guy in town, Xavier James, a swarthy looking young man who rides a bike. He’s not from around here. It’s the opinion of some that he’s up to no good. She, Darlene, works right here at the bar and grill owned by Karl. They both also work part-time for Joe the barber. He’s got a little side business going. That’s what I was talking about with the Xavier thing. Darla is Darlene’s sister. At Christmas time they are Dar-Dar, the twin elves. Susan and Stephen are Darlene’s kids. Susan and Stephen were bored over the summer and started their own country. You probably could too, if you have a smart phone, which you probably do. Or maybe you’re not bored, I don’t know. But maybe you are. And up there at the bar is the regular crowd nursing their drinks and watching Family Feud. They might have heard something about the big Presidential visit headed this way, but maybe not. Outside in the parking lot the Floonigans are sitting in their pink pickup. I can’t see from here, but I’m pretty sure they are there. They’re not from around here, either. The local hitchhiker could be resting in the back, of the pickup. He’s trying to get home. I’m not sure you can get there from here. Welcome. We’re glad you’re here. Well … not … oh, it doesn’t really matter. It’s a nice place to visit. Nah, that’s not true either. But it’s not bad living here if you have to. Could be worse, I guess. Okay, seeya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.