About Us

Our mission is to promote excellence and freedom. Our selection of books is based solely on quality, not on mass-market appeal or the authors’ points of view. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for important and diverse ideas to compete in the public forum.

CWG Press was founded in 2007 by Chuck Gregory, in order to publish The American Dream by Mike Palecek. For that first title a local printer, Peer Print, was used, and Mike did a book tour. Here’s what I wrote back then about the tour:

The crash and burn that forced cancellation of Mike Palecek’s American Dream Tour was fortunately not literal. In fact, he just drove home, having had enough of life on the road. There just weren’t enough positives to outweigh the negatives, the feeling that his protest was not being heard, that he was all alone on the limb he’d chosen.

He wasn’t alone. Not really. Many of us share his sentiments and only wish we had the courage to try as hard as he did to make a difference.

CWG Press wishes to thank Mike Palecek for his continuing efforts to make America a better place.

We also thank those who helped him on the part of the tour that did come off, either as hosts, attendees, or behind-the-scenes facilitators.

 There will be more news later, and Mike’s columns from the road will be collected in a separate section on this site.

It truly was a valiant effort.

We must not give up, only change our strategy.

On top of Mike’s disappointment, I faced a difficult reality: Bookstores that order books for a tour expect to be able to return them, or at least get refunds. It was a very expensive lesson, and led to me changing the way I do business. Now, CWG Press publishes exclusively by means of Print On Demand.

You may be wondering about the funny bird on the logo. There’s a story behind that…

The logo is from Gogo.


My grandmother’s name was Golda but we all called her Gogo.

I think one of the 9 grandchildren came up with the name by accident.

It stuck because she was always on the go, right up until her death in the early 1980s, and at her grave there’s a marker commemorating Gogo and Deedoc. They are shown at right in a picture from long before my birth.

When I was struggling to come up with a logo for CWG Press, I happened to visit my mother, who still lived by herself in her own house at age 91. That’s me with her in the picture on the left.

Sitting on Mom’s dining room table was a copy of a long ago invitation, and I suddenly realized that Gogo had provided me with my logo.

The invitation was from a wonderful birthday party my uncle John Mock had thrown for Gogo. I think it was her 85th. Must have been about 1981.

He sent out a poetic invitation with a bird on the front.

This was a special bird, that we called a Gogo-bird; it was based on the sandpipers that scurried around on Ormond Beach, Florida, so like our little Gogo. (She was little, too, under five feet!)

And so the CWG Press logo was born.