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November 1, 2015
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Red White & Blue

by Mike Palecek (Author), Alison Healy (Cover Design) 

Red White and his dog, Blue

Kicking around a small town, your town, my town, not trying to stir things up, just trying to live free, think free, be free.

And as always happens, when someone does that, there is going to be trouble.

Homeland Security

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Isn’t that what we all want?

Just to be home.

Be safe.

Be happy and have our loved ones be the same.

But it’s the world and we are people and this is life.

And it ain’t never gonna happen.

A Reporter’s Life

It ain’t bad.

Get paid for doing what you want to do anyway.

Making a difference maybe and getting paid for it and pretty much having a fun day all week long.

And there’s thoughtful, educated people you might meet in your office and you prob’ly will get to go places and talk to people you wouldn’t otherwise.

And you can write about anything. In America nobody tells you not to write about anything.

You can write about anything.

You really can.

Go ahead, write about anything.


It’s in the heart. It’s there.

It pounds. It pumps.

It’s there.

You feel it.

Sit quietly. Don’t talk. Listen.

It’s right.