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july 29 2015
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CWG Press (July 29, 2015)
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One Day in the Life of Herbert Wisniewski

He is an American.
An American prisoner.
Reg. No. 11936-999.

And there are so many of those that it would not really do to be concerned with just one.
And this one, this Herbert, is surely no one to write home or anywhere about.
And then the combined however many days of all the American prisoners.
To be picking one out as more significant than the rest, especially when not one of them at all is really all that important . . . And the whole combined lives of all the thousands and thousands of American prisoners are not really all that important, when you think about it.

So. Well.
Herbert Wisniewski.
His life. One day in his life.
How many days has he been in prison? How many days of getting up on the same side of his bunk and getting in line for breakfast, collecting his tray of food and sitting at the same table?
How many more to come?
How could one day be different than any of the others.
And worthy of us spending our precious time considering it.
That one day among all these other days just cannot be important. Not that important. Not that important to me!
Ah, but it is.