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May 19, 2017
508 pages
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Crusher vs The Empire: Group Home Rebels Fight Back (Geronimo’s Revenge) (Volume 1)

by Mike Palecek (Author) 

Turn the other way today, on your way to work, and join the revolution. Come along with Lara, Jim, Kaitylyn, Korey, Brooke, Evey, Hector, Reuben and the rest as they go way against the grain. These young people work at a Twin Cities group home. They have almost no money and no hope. They have no health care, no job security, minimum wage. They are not stupid. They know why. And one day they decide they’re not going to take it any longer. Basta.

Geronimo, Gerry is one of the residents of the group home. He loves wrestling, watches it every week on TV. He calls himself The Crusher.

Gerry works at the program center where many of the group home staff also have second jobs. Gerry’s job is shredding paper and one day he finds an old airplane ticket. He’s not supposed to, but he puts it in his pocket and keeps it. The ticket is from American Airlines, 9/11/01.

The word gets out about the ticket and Gerry is invited to be a guest on the local live radio show, The Prince Hope Show.

Not long after, Gerry is dead.

The group home workers think they know who killed Gerry and why.

They talk about it all night long, all week long, for many weeks.

They organize the CRUSHER rebellion, Geronimo’s Revenge.

They are going to fight back, against the CIA, the FBI, The Army, Navy, the police.

Because it’s about time somebody did.