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August 29, 2017
412 pages
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Crusher in Wonderland (Geronimo’s Revenge) (Volume 2)

by Mike Palecek (Author) 

The Battle of Bumfuck, Iowa is over.
The paper mache lions’ heads and farm house are smoking. The holsteins are lying dead and the gold finches hum “I dreamed I saw Joe Hill …”
Lara, Kaitylyn and Jim have been captured and put in prison, and now Korey, trying to get them out, is also arrested. … How will the CRUSHER rebellion against The United States of America continue, as it must?
Korey is interrogated, tortured by his C.I.A. captors. Reuben and Hector actually find the treasure in The Underground.
Korey escapes from the C.I.A. & now meets Patrick, Henry, Washington and Jefferson.
They steal squirt guns from the c-store, fill them in a most unusual way and take to hunting the C.I.A. in downtown Minneapolis.
Billy escapes momentarily from the Bumfuck mental hospital and is taken on the scenic route by a few out of this world folks.
Evey and Rachel buy a Russian Racehorse, Brooke The Spy and her film crew head out to destroy Beaver Cleaver Land, can’t find it, and all are re-routed to Oz … Irving, Kansas, and as they say in Hollywood, the fight goes on …