American History 101: Conspiracy Nation




The American Vision. The American Journey. Land of Liberty. The Commies are Coming. The Commies are Coming! The Criminals Are Coming! The Terrorists Are Coming! Big Bees! It’s that time of year again. Time for the release of the new sophomore textbook, American History 101, complete with brand new sub-title. But something is different this year. Sales are down and a major publishing industry magazine has shouted “Print Is Dead!” How can that be? Nickostatos Greenberg is the latest in the long line of family members to head the publishing house Beantree Barkham Bagnor … Kruszynianys, the big employer in the small town of New Town. Nickostatos has to fi gure out a way to jazz up the new book and sell some history in order to pass down a successful legacy to his children. He’s ready to try anything, even something drastic. The naming of the sophomore American History 101 textbook sub-title is one of the big events of book season in New Town. What can he do? What would make history interesting? Tell the truth?